What makes a butt plug entertaining?

Seriously, the first time I came to see it, I could not believe!

People do go quite far in seeking pleasure is the first ever thought that struck me when I saw the shiny steel butt plugs eponymously called the Love plugs!

Insert and go!

The idea behind a butt plug is to insert the plug into the anus or the vagina with the help of a nice lubricant and enjoy the tightness there or the thrusts that you can get with every movement in your pelvis.

I tried it the first time and I felt wow!

When I saw them on the internet site selling them I thought they were cute but I would n=have never considered buying them unless my partner who was also browsing along insisted that we do. We are quite game like that and when we realized that it was something that could be used by both the sexes in pepping up things in the room we decided that trying it out ourselves was the best thing to do than rely on other’s viewpoints and experiences! Wink!!

We sometimes just need excuses, don’t we?

And the delivery happened and it was lightning fast and soon we were holding it and it felt cute. Inserting it there was easy peasy using a generous amount of lubricant. I used a thick water based lubricant so that it gives cushioning there and also it is not irritable especially when the thing to be used does not agree with the sensitive skin on the inside.

The tightness was mind-blowing:

Soon after we made it out and the both of us were floored with the result. The plug created tautness in the vagina which made it more enjoyable not only for him but even this extra sensory experience that I got from each of his thrust made it all worth it. If you haven’t tried on these cuties yet, you must!