What Diets Does Hollywood Recommend For Getting In Shape

If you browse through the channels on TV or go through magazines, you are bound to see many Hollywood celebrities, flaunting their fit bodies. They seem to be in shape always, setting the bar up high for others to follow.


So how do these celebrities do it? How do they manage to stay in such good shape, at all times, despite the number of parties they attend, the quantity of alcohol they consume and their tight schedules?

Apart from exercising religiously on a daily basis, despite being on vacations or shooting at different locations, they follow a healthy diet too. Here are a few diets Hollywood recommends for people who want to stay in shape and want more weight loss information.

Green Juice

Today, the green juice is a trend that is catching on among the normal people too. Celebrities would post a photo of their green juice. This juice is nothing but a blend of various vegetables, which otherwise one may not eat regularly. When all are blended together and topped with a little honey, it not only tastes nice but is very filling as well. This can be consumed as breakfast itself.

Kale juice is very well known to help celebrities drop those pounds quickly and effectively. If one is tired of having it as a juice, they can have it in a soup form as well.

Alkaline Diet

When foods rich in alkaline is consumed, the body’s pH is balanced and this ensures on does not gain too much weight easily.

Count Calories

No matter what you eat, memorize the calories it has. This will help you not only be aware of how many calories you are consuming but will also make you conscious, over a period of time. This makes you a conscious eater.

Cut Out Dairy

Cut out dairy completely from your diet, as dairy causes one to put on weight, fast. When this key food item goes missing from your diet, the scales will start tipping down.