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Technology is making life easier. People are now enjoying life to the fullest with enough money and spending options in hands. Thanks to technology for making lives of people more interesting and relaxing these days. There is also a significant role played by this technology in bringing in some very important and iconic changes in the society. All we knew about the work culture and work floors is the very formal, disciplined and very active working nature of people working in the office.

But it is this technology that brought in a change in the living styles and attitudes of people and this did not stop with just the home sweet homes but has now been carried over even to the work areas. Yes, it is no more the formalized look and behavior but the only thing expected from an employee is the perfect and on time work and for this, there is nothing to do with a formal look or a culture.

The work culture has become so very loosened up and relaxed that employees are even allowed to celebrate parties, birthdays, victory in matches etc and all these have become a part of the working style these days. There are wristbands distributed among all the employees to keep them informed about a particular message. There are also some very interesting wristbands that carry friendship messages and all these are just entertainment factors that try to keep the employees happy and comfortable in their workstations. All these might look very small but they have brought in some magnificent changes in the work and the end results. A happy and satisfied person becomes the best employee and to achieve this the company is ready to do anything to keep him or her happy. Some organizations also distribute customized silicone bracelets