Month: March 2018

The predicament is real people!

Of all the things in the world that my little one enjoys is being invited to a birthday bash of any one of her long list of friends and if there is anything that I dread so much then it is paradoxically the same!

I don’t hate my daughter or birthday bashes or the birthday baby!

For heaven’s sake no! The reason for dreading these annual events is something more and I am sure it is what a lot of parents dread albeit in varying degrees and the reason dear folks is that when you are over with the dilemmas of not being too busy on the days of the bash and what your little princess will be wearing on that day and if there is a theme , will she be confirming her costume with it and hundred and one other thoughts that fly across your mind the moment you open the envelope, the one that will strike you the worst will be what to gift!

Yes, what to gift!!

Now when my little munchkin’s friends were turning two, I was so overconfident that I would simply stride into a toy store and glide outside after picking up the best one that suits my budget and theme. After all, that is a big toy market and I am sure to find something to my taste!

How much more wrong could I be?

The reality struck hard when I went in and could not find anything that was age appropriate for the birthday girl. It strikes me that two is such a limbo age. While for a one year you can pick up a lot of motor skills development toys and even sippers and food plate hampers, three-year-olds can be pampered with most games but I just could not for the love of it find any entertaining puzzles for 2 year olds. There was so much to choose from but it either was for older children or out of my budget.

Thankfully, the phase has passed and I have preferred gifting clothes or gift hampers that the child can use to pick up toys of her choice.…


Technology is making life easier. People are now enjoying life to the fullest with enough money and spending options in hands. Thanks to technology for making lives of people more interesting and relaxing these days. There is also a significant role played by this technology in bringing in some very important and iconic changes in the society. All we knew about the work culture and work floors is the very formal, disciplined and very active working nature of people working in the office.

But it is this technology that brought in a change in the living styles and attitudes of people and this did not stop with just the home sweet homes but has now been carried over even to the work areas. Yes, it is no more the formalized look and behavior but the only thing expected from an employee is the perfect and on time work and for this, there is nothing to do with a formal look or a culture.

The work culture has become so very loosened up and relaxed that employees are even allowed to celebrate parties, birthdays, victory in matches etc and all these have become a part of the working style these days. There are wristbands distributed among all the employees to keep them informed about a particular message. There are also some very interesting wristbands that carry friendship messages and all these are just entertainment factors that try to keep the employees happy and comfortable in their workstations. All these might look very small but they have brought in some magnificent changes in the work and the end results. A happy and satisfied person becomes the best employee and to achieve this the company is ready to do anything to keep him or her happy. Some organizations also distribute customized silicone bracelets


People across the world try and use some kind of recreational drugs or performance enhancers. It is not limited to a country or one age group. Now all companies ensure that a pre-employment test includes a drug test and this means entertainment industry as well. People assume that celebrities, musicians, and players get away with drug abuse. But it is a misconception.

Let us see why so many people resort to drugs. The entertainment industry, like the other sectors, is highly competitive. But there is an added pressure of public scrutiny, 24/7. Add that to the pressure of performing well and abundance of adulation and money. This is high that lasts only as long as your last performance. So coming back to the arena and do better than the previous times, puts so much pressure on them that they resort to some drug that relaxes their nerves. It is a vicious cycle. They are constantly trying to improve their body image, performance, success and of course performance.

Most of the celebrities have a clique or team members who assist them in their endeavors. So it becomes easier for the star to get his hand on some substance through these team members. In the past, it was possible to get away from drug tests either because the people were start struck or they found out a loophole to keep it quiet. There are many simple processes and Quality reviews on how to pass a drug test, available online. These have helped many people to pass through their drug tests easily and keep their legal woes at bay.

Now the justice system is no longer impressed by the status of people and treats all the drug test cases in the same manner. Media and public are also trying to create awareness about drug abuse and a safe environment. So now we can see that it is difficult for anyone to pass through the drug tests as these have become better and stricter than before. The best way is to abstain and live on the right side of the law. That also helps to pass a drug test easily.…

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