Month: November 2017

New love quotes that will inspire me are those that talk about the small things that really matter in any relationships. Because love is after all about the minor details that we often miss out. I do not believe those quotes or sayings that paint an unfair picture of love. I do not like those that portray love as a magical fairytale. Because it really isn’t! Love is raw, and love is tough. Talk to those who have been in love and managed to stay that way for years here are the best things that they would tell you about love:

  1. It is about learning each other’s worst and then accepting:

The first few dates might seem all rosy, like a walk on a cake. But when you really start spending a lot of time with a person is when you get to see the real side of the person. It is not just the beauty that has to be admired but also the flaws. Long lasting love is one that understands and accepts the worst about the loved one.

  1. It is about repairing what is broken instead of discarding:

Most of the senior couples, those that have been married for several years feel that the current generation doesn’t understand the importance of repairing and setting things straight. After all even with our gadgets we simply do not take the effort of fixing what is broken. We jump to get it replaced. It is this mindset that has to change to obtain an everlasting love.

  1. Sleep on it:

Sometimes the largest of fights and misunderstandings are over petty issues. Sleeping on such problems can often solve them easily. When you wake up you might often forget that you even had a fight or sometimes you would realize that it was after all a silly issue that was blown up.…

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