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New love quotes that will inspire me are those that talk about the small things that really matter in any relationships. Because love is after all about the minor details that we often miss out. I do not believe those quotes or sayings that paint an unfair picture of love. I do not like those that portray love as a magical fairytale. Because it really isn’t! Love is raw, and love is tough. Talk to those who have been in love and managed to stay that way for years here are the best things that they would tell you about love:

  1. It is about learning each other’s worst and then accepting:

The first few dates might seem all rosy, like a walk on a cake. But when you really start spending a lot of time with a person is when you get to see the real side of the person. It is not just the beauty that has to be admired but also the flaws. Long lasting love is one that understands and accepts the worst about the loved one.

  1. It is about repairing what is broken instead of discarding:

Most of the senior couples, those that have been married for several years feel that the current generation doesn’t understand the importance of repairing and setting things straight. After all even with our gadgets we simply do not take the effort of fixing what is broken. We jump to get it replaced. It is this mindset that has to change to obtain an everlasting love.

  1. Sleep on it:

Sometimes the largest of fights and misunderstandings are over petty issues. Sleeping on such problems can often solve them easily. When you wake up you might often forget that you even had a fight or sometimes you would realize that it was after all a silly issue that was blown up.…

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Why Madden Games Are So Popular

If you think the video games are so childish and suitable only to appease your silly excitements then, you would certainly change your notion when you encounter the magical Madden games that have captured the attention of the ardent American football game enthusiasts, irrespective of their age factor! The Madden games have overwhelming responses from their followers every time a new version is getting introduced because they are not like your other ‘childish’ video games but are so real-like, which appeases every dream of the ardent fans of the American football game excellently.

Like how extreme talent is required to win in the real football game, your mental skill is required to win in these virtual games and therefore, are not anyway less to the real football games, if not superior! If you still unconvinced and wanted to know why these games are popular among their fans, the following points would elucidate the very reasons excellently!

  • They are simple

The game is very simple to follow, especially if you are familiar with the rules and regulations of the real American football game, as it is only the virtual version that mimics every trivial detail of the real game brilliantly.

  • They are skill based

These are not your any video games but, are those special games that are based on your skill and understanding of the real American football game and therefore, your mind plays a greater role in making every significant movement in these exhilarating games. The game is sure to excite you even if you do not understand the rules and regulations but, only could be captivated by you if you are skilled enough to understand the nuances thoroughly.

  • They are real-like

From mimicking your favorite football player’s appearances and actions to mimicking the actual commentaries of the game everything is real-like and therefore, in every way appease your football expectations excellently, but in an exciting virtual way!

Now you understand, why the fans go frenzy about these Madden games? If you are interested to venture the game and gain superior hand by gaining access to your favorite superior players, do not fail to procure more madden coins by visiting this site, as this is my favorite place to buy madden coins without any hassle all the time!


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Bowling game has become more popular now, there are even tournaments and championships that are conducted. Nevertheless, for a common man, it is fun to just bowl your ball and hope that all ten of them go down and it is a strike.

Bowling is a great game to take your girlfriend on a date or take your kids out for a night. It is fun for everyone who plays and it is not so taxing as well. It is quite simple to play and there are not any complicated rules.

Now when you take your date to bowling, you would certainly want to impress him or her. For folks like you here are some Handy tips to improve your bowling game

  1. Take a few steps: Take four or five steps away from the foul line and then align your right hand to the middle lane (if you are right handed). This will give your ball enough momentum and force to hit the pins.
  2. Practice swings: before you just throw the ball, try to swing it in your hand and ensure that it is flowing out fine before you actually deliver the ball.
  3. Focus on the target: Always keep your eye on the target and ensure that your hand the ball all go in that direction of the target.
  4. Swing, slide and release: It is that simple, just swing your right hand and slide with your left foot and release the ball, this should be done in 3 steps you take towards the foul line.
  5. Re-focus: If you do not have a strike then realign your focus on the new set of pins and make a strategy on how to hit them. If they are split, tough luck, try to give as much force as possible and hope for the best.

One who keeps trying is the one who would get it right. So, keep trying.


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Gucci bags have always been showing stoppers in the world of bags. Their collections have always been exclusive and have always been the first choice of celebrities and other well-known people who make afashion statement with their sense of dressing and the way they flaunt themselves. No ordinary man could dream of owning a Gucci bag because they are bags which really need to be earned. An owning Gucci bags is indeed a matter of pride and is also a status symbol.

Here are few reasons why Gucci Bags are so popular and elite

  • Rich Heritage

The founder of the Gucci brand was an Italian gentleman who was famous for his craftsmanship and the fact that he used only the finest materials to create his masterpieces.

  • Exclusive

Gucci bags certainly are exclusive and most often make heads turn because of their flamboyant designs, bright colors and prints and bows and not forgetting myriad animal icons like snakes, bees and lions too among many others.

  • Expensive

If you desire to own a Gucci you have to pay its price. Each bag manufactured by Gucci is worth its value because you will never find another exquisitely crafted piece anywhere else world over. Since these bags are so pricey and expensive be rest assured that once you have tired of it, you can resell it and you will get back a part of the price that you paid for it. My last bag was a Gucciwhich I got an extremely decent price when I resold it.

  • Wide Range

Gucci has a wide assortment of bags for you to choose from. Unique designs, different shades and hues, multicolored, bags with lots of pockets and compartments, sleek bags, leather bags, and the much sought after and famous Bamboo bags which are really masterpieces as each bag takes almost 13 hours to make.

So make your choice and invest in a Gucci bag because it is really worth it.…

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